OCT 2016

Which staircase design would suit your home best?

When fitting a new set of stairs there is a lot more to consider than people realise. Space You may have a dream staircase in mind, but does it fit the space you’ve allocated? If you are looking at an item that is premade then it might not be as simple and straight forward as fitting it into the space available. According to Paul Eyre at P P Eyre Property Care ‘staircases should be made to measure and fitted by a professional, especially if the staircase is designed to look as if it is floating (cantilever), or needs to fit around corners’. Materials Wooden straight stairs are one of the easiest to fit and source, though is a straight wooden staircase what you would call your dream staircase? For many people they crave something more stylish and interesting. There are infinite choices when it comes to the materials used to make a staircase, the balustrade, handrails and the many fixtures and fittings - glass, marble, metal, concrete, and wood, can all be used. Style Staircases can be made thin to fit into tight gaps, large to fit grand entrances, and designed purely for aesthetic pleasure. If you decide on a complex or architecturally challenging design for example a cantilever staircase, make sure you consult with a structural engineer, as not all buildings can withstand the changes and extra weight placed on the structure of the house. There are often ways around problems, so don’t give up, as long as you seek help from trusted professionals who have successfully designed, made and fitted your staircase design before, then they should be fully aware of the issues and needs involved. Article written by Angela from CultureSouthWest.
Which staircase design would suit your home best? | Stairporn.org

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